Thinking outside the XOB

THINK OUTSIDE THE XOB! Let nothing hinder your imagination and suppress your creative potential! There’s just one small step between where you are and the *unlimited* spaces in which your ideas can thrive!

The only thing you need is… that’s right, you’ve guessed it: thinking outside the XOB! It’s as simple (and at the same time as difficult…) as that. This one crucial skill will let you tap the vast potential of your mind and let your thoughts *skyrocket*!

The odds are, you will now ask: “What is XOB? I’ve never heard of it”. Well, that’s not an easy question and all too often people mislead themselves into thinking they already know the answers… while they have not even *started* to get on the right track. Einstein said: “Make things as simple as possible, but not simpler”. Can’t you actually apply this principle to all things in life? Including XOB, of course. The point of this mail is not to give you a substitute of understanding by feeding you with partial, half-wrong answers – it is to make you actually embrace what XOB is and then take one step further by transcending it (as in this mail’s subject – think outside the XOB!).

“Wait”, you interrupt, “isn’t XOB just ‘box’ spelled backwards?”

It is, but this is utterly irrelevant. That’s a red herring. Please don’t concentrate on this trivial coincidence. There is much more to XOB than that.

“So”, you probably want to ask, “what *is* XOB?”

Let us start by explaining what XOB *isn’t*. This might seem like evading the issue, but given how many misconceptions about XOB (by the way: pronounced “zob”) have arisen since it first came into existence, we feel it is necessary to dispel some common myths which prevent people from stepping outside their all too common tunnel-vision. The odds are you might have heard some of the following opinions:

– XOB is nothing more than a money-making scheme, devised to fool people with lots of verbiage and then wring every last dollar out of them
– XOB is ultimately dissapointing – an honest attempt to actually boost your creativity, but it simply fails to deliver
– XOB is just an elaborate form of trolling and/or spam – much more clever than your usual spam mail, sure, but ultimately there is nothing behind this facade of fancy words
– XOB preys on the natural human instinct of puzzle-solving which makes us relish in mysteries – leaving just enough loose ends to stay tantalizing while at the same hinting at something deeper, more all-encompassing; in reality, there is nothing to it – the promised “grand scheme of things” which will illuminate everything never materializes, in short – total baloney

etc. etc.

Let us make it clear – if you find any of the arguments above compelling (despite not knowing what XOB is yet!), you may stop reading this mail and go back to whatever you were doing before. But you probably feel now (although this is still a half-baked, not-yet-fully-formed kind of hunch) that you’d be missing the opportunity of a lifetime… “Sure, it might prove total nonsense”, you think, “but what do I have to lose?”. And that’s the right question – what do you have to lose? Nothing, really, apart from a few minutes spent reading this mail. And the reward might be manifold…

Just very briefly – no, this is not a money-making scheme (if you think we make any significant profit on XOB, you are vastly overestimating people’s willingness to confront the unknown, the unfamiliar, call it whatever you like). No, it doesn’t fail to deliver – but unlike many miraculous self-help schemes, it *does* ultimately require effort on your part. We can help you, but ultimately it is up to *you* how you will exploit the opportunities laid bare by thinking outside the XOB. And not, this is not trolling – you can easily find trustworthy testimonies of people whose lives were profoundly changed by XOB (what else do you want?). And yes, it preys on our propensity to solve mysteries – but it is put to good use.

“Wait, wait”, you interrupt impatiently, “you keep telling me what XOB *isn’t*. Suppose I actually believe you – now tell me what the heck XOB *is*”.

Sure, here it is. So, imagine you wake up one morning and have a weird premonition that something might be wrong with reality. Not seriously wrong, not that the world is falling apart, only that some small and rarely-used parts are somehow “out of tune” with the rest, or something like that. But this is very intangible, you almost doubt yourself that you actually have the feeling (funny how our minds can play tricks on us, isn’t it?). So you ignore that feeling, not knowing what to do with it, and go about your daily routine, as usual. You go to the bathroom… and there it is. A tiny, at first almost imperceptible trickle of blue, phosporescent substance coming somewhere from a crack in the wall. You come closer to inspect it – cautiously, as you know perfectly well this substance *might* be toxic, and yet intrigued by this unlikely occurence (in your own bathroom!). Indeed, it seems to come from somewhere deep inside the sewage system – you have a sense that this trickle is only the tip of an iceberg, so to speak. Surely the pipes must be full of this stuff… But then you turn on the tap and the water flows as usual, with not even the slightest trace of the glowing blue thing in it. The substance is probably very dense and viscuous, it barely seems to be flowing (it will take hours or even days before it reaches the door of the bathroom and spill into the rest of your apartment). You start thinking that it’d be cool if you could somehow become like Mario or Luigi and just enter those pipes and see for yourself where the blue goo is coming from…

“Hold on”, you interrupt exasperated, “now you are telling me some bullshit about Mario Bros – this is utter nonsense. This is ridiculous. I want to know what XOB is, not some…”

All right, so there you go, very briefly (but we are skipping lots of details, don’t blame us that we didn’t let you really get the point of the story)- you leave your home and see your neighbors leaving to work. But suddenly there is this realization (thrilling and yet somehow menacing) that each of them has a *very tiny* trace of the blue goo somewhere on their clothes. Barely discernible, but without doubt it is there. And then you realize that there might not be a **single** epicenter of this blue substance spill. Somehow everyone is affected by it and it’s only up to you how you will deal with it…

OK, we’ve gone as far as we could without actually spoiling the punchline. But now you’ve got all the pieces in your hands, you only need to connect the dots… and, you’re right, think outside the XOB (and outside the box too, by the way…)!

Let us know if you want to continue your experience with XOB and hone your “out-of-the-XOB-thinking” skills. But honestly, there is not much more to it than what we’ve already presented. Just a small fix here and there…


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